Spice Bomb Bundle

Spice Bomb Bundle

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Spice Bomb bundle includes 1 pack of Spice Bomb Wax Melts, 1 Spice Bomb Diffuser, 1 Spice Bomb Reed and 1 burner.

Wax Melts
Each pack of wax melts have been made with love , carefully adding the perfected power fragrance to the natural soy wax, to allow maximum scent exposure with the cleanest possible burn.

The luxurious creamy wax is then packaged in the finest quality boxes to ensure maximum fragrance is locked in until the melt meets the burner . When lit the scent will smoothly flow through your home or work place with ease.

This small glass cleverly designed diffuser allows fragrance to strongly filter through into a confined space .Perfect for cars or wardrobes. Comes with attachment strings to tie to your desired location .Available in all our power inspired scent range.

Our Reed Diffusers are designed to give your home an influction of your favourite designer fragrance.

We have blended our beautiful replica fragrances and bottled them up in a gorgeous glass bottle, teamed with contemporary black reed sticks and a luxurious looking gold lid. This will give any room the perfect touch of class as well as an unbelievable high fragranced scent that will fill your room day after day.


Colours may vary.

Colour and shape of wax burner may vary. Any available burner in stock can be sent out as part of a gift-set/bundle of any type. Please do not assume you will receive one particular type of burner.