WhatsApp Deals

WhatsApp Exclusive Deal List

Do you want to receive exclusive deals with have on the site via WhatsApp?

To join the list please add our WhatsApp number exactly as it appears here +44 7496 342162 to your contacts and then send us a message via WhatsApp with the text JOIN.

We will be sending out exclusive codes and other others not included on our usual marketing tools.



How do I join the list?

Add our number +44 7496 342162 exactly as it appears here, to your contacts. Then send us a WhatsApp message with the word JOIN. We will then add you to the deal list.

How many messages will I receive?

No more than 1 a week and sometimes not even that many.

Is my data safe?

We only have your mobile number, no other data is held for this service. Your number is not linked in any way to our website data.

How do I leave?

If you want to stop receiving alerts, you just send us WhatsApp message saying LEAVE. We will then delete your number, this is not instant and you may receive additional messages. To stop receiving messages instantly, delete our number from your contacts.

When will I start receiving messages?

The next time we send a deal message, you should get it.

Why am I not receiving any messages?

This is usually our number is not stored in your mobile phone correctly or we haven't added you yet.