3 Little Bears
3 Little Bears

3 Little Bears

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Collection of all 3 bears, Flowerbear, Kreedbear, Tombear.

Flowerbear is our beautiful girl bear with a hint of Bergamot and Mandarin, she is a beautiful flower explosion.

Kreedbear is the man, he is our most popular and cocky bear. Full of confidence with tones Blackcurrant and Italian Bergamot, he will have your car smelling truly impressive.

Tombear is our most humble bear, although he is the shyest bear he is still by far a dreamy smell. Subtle blends of Black Truffle and Ylang helps this bear soar through your car atmosphere with ease.

Do not shake or spill the oil inside the car. This needs to be done on a safe surface away from the car and placed back in the car when the lid is properly back on, to avoid spilling.